Helpdesk support module of GLPI with some ITIL best practices to manage end users requests.

- Management of the tracking requests for all the types of material of the inventory
- Tracking requests opened using web interface, email or webservice (with plugin webservice)
- Business rules when opening tickets (customizable by entity)
- SLA customizable by entity

Final user
- Final user frontend for intervention demand
- Mail tracking of the intervention demand feature
- Interventions history consultation
- Possibility of adding comments at the request of intervention using web interface or email
- Approval of the solution
- Satisfaction survey

- Interventions demands priority management
- Tracking of interventions demands
- Mail tracking of interventions
- Request validation
- Assignment of interventions demands
- Opening/Closing/Re-opening of interventions
- Assignment of a real time of interventions
- History of done interventions
- Displaying of the interventions to do by a technician
- Displaying of the history of the interventions for a given hardware
- Posting of the interventions to be realized by technician
- Posting of the history of the interventions for a given material
- Management of planning of intervention
- Define the solution