BETA 1 of plugins FusionInventory and Monitoring for GLPI 0.85

I have juste released the BETA of plugins FusionInventory and Monitoring for GLPI 0.85.

So yes, it's only for TEST and NOT USE THEM IN PRODUCTION.

Some informations about these archives :


  • Task management has been rewriten by kiniou
  • In computer inventory, printer, devices and monitors pass in import rules now
  • Remove SNMP models

See changelog here:

4 GLPI plugins released this week end

This week-end, 4 GLPI plugins has been released:

GLPI 0.85 rules

We have a new service for the GLPI community: rules

You can access via the menu of the siprossii site or directly with this link

You can import the rules in your 0.85 version of GLPI (yet in RC2, so not use in production)

Plugin barcode for GLPI 0.85 released

The plugin barcode for GLPI has been released today by David Durieux.

This new version is compatible with GLPI 0.85 (not yet released but in RC).

New features are:

  • Compatibility with GLPI 0.85
  • New profiles system
  • Fix problem on generate QRcode without the date
  • You can generate barcode for all inventory items (computers, monitors, networks, device, printer and phone )
  • You can generate a barcode (not QRcode) of a ticket id

More info:

Working meeting GLPI - SIPROSSII

SIPROSSII is GOLD GLPI partner, ie it supports the project.
The company consists of two developers :

  • David Durieux : official GLPI developer (and FusionInventory)
  • Kevin Roy : future official GLPI developer (and official FusionInventory developer)

On 21 and 22 July 2014, a working meeting took place in Lyon between GLPI Chief and the company.
We will tell you about the conclusions of this meeting in a few weeks.

This is a photo of the working meeting:

SolutionLinux 2014

L'équipe de siprossii sera présente au salon Solution Linux, les 20 et 21 Mai 2014, en tant que développeurs communautaires. Vous pourrez ainsi retrouver sur les stands GLPI / FusionInventory :

  • David Durieux, développeur officiel GLPI et co-leader FusionInventory
  • Kevin Roy, développeur FusionInventory et contributeur GLPI

Il est à noter que vous pourrez repartir avec un gobelet FusionInventory si vous venez nous voir au stand FusionInventory (offert pour chaque personne venant au stand).

6 years of siprossii

The company siprossii has 6 years and continue to contribute to free software ;)

This is a picture represent these 6 years:

6 years of siprossii with GLPI, FusionInventory and Shinken

FusionInventory plugin for GLPI 0.84+2.1 available

Version 0.84+2.1 of plugin FusionInventory for GLPI is available.
This version fix many bugs and FusionInventory team recommand update.

One of the big feature is to inventory network devices by SNMP without SNMP models.

For the complete changelog + download link, see here:

Minor version of GLPI released: 0.84.5

The new minor version of GLPI is released.
To get it:
To see the changelog:

Importance of ZFS filesystem for MySQL GLPI database

Some times I do some tests, and the filesystem is very important for GLPI performances.

This is 2 cases :

1. ZFS with record size 16k

zfs create -o recordsize=16k zroot/var/db/mysql

Search on softwares in GLPI make 80 seconds (100 000 softwares referenced)

2. ZFS with record size 8k

zfs create -o recordsize=8k zroot/var/db/mysql

Search on softwares in GLPI make 4 seconds (100 000 softwares referenced)


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